Glen Mills, PA Winterization of Lawn Irrigation Systems

Glen Mills, PA Winterization of Lawn Irrigation SystemsWinterization appointments should be scheduled late summer. You never want to be in a position where there is an early winter and your Glen Mills, PA systems has frost damage. Winterization is the process of “Blowing Out” ridding the system of water that is held in the lines. This done by shutting of the water supply to the irrigation system and carefully using a commercial grade air compressor. This needs to be done before the temperatures are freezing.

A technician needs to access the clock that controls your Glen Mills, PA irrigation system as well. In most case they need to come into your garage and go into your basement to shut off the water to the actual irrigation system. It is suggested that any thing that needs to be be fixed get scheduled for the Spring Opening. At the time of Winterization not the ideal way to test and make alterations. Winterization should only be done by expert water irrigation technicians.

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